ZEUS Overseas Indian Legal Advisory

Manage your legal affairs in India even while you are outside of the country

For over more than a decade, ZEUS has received an increasing number of requests from Overseas Indians to handle their affairs in India in a professional, time bound and result oriented manner.

ZEUS noticed that while the Overseas Indian Community has done itself and the country proud, there are always some issues relating to their Homeland. From minor issues, such as transfer of shares or obtaining certified copies of Government records to more serious issues such as transfer of immovable property and personal issues.

The distance from India, a tight and settled life-routine in the place of current residence, the responsibilities, to work and family, all place a demand on the ever shrinking free time available. At times, this leads to a situation where a successful Overseas Indian contemplates the choice whether it is purposeful or worthwhile to pursue his rights or entitlements in India or should he just abandon or give them up.

Usually, the pursuit of their rights leads them to relatives or friends who, while being as well intentional as they may be, may not be the most professional support that can be. This gap, created by basing any action on trust rather than professional advice, many times leads to unsavoury or undesirable results.

This gap between requirements and the way out is the genesis of a specialised and dedicated Division established within ZEUS Law.

The Division is a one stop service for the Overseas Indian community and covers broad areas of Financial, Legal Advising and Legal Facilitation. It is an exclusive legal management division to help overseas Indians with monitoring, supervising, representing them for both in-court work without the need for being personally present in India.




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