At ZEUS Law, we have a comprehensive practice in Intellectual Property Laws for our clients based in India and abroad. Intellectual Property Rights is a legal concept whereby companies and individuals protect their intellectual creations, which includes patents, copyright, trademarks, amongst others. Our team provides advisory and litigation services regarding effective and timely enforcement of IPR.

Our legal professionals belong to varied technical backgrounds and adopt ingenious methods to deal with intellectual property matters to provide the most suitable solutions to clients. We have competently dealt with a broad sphere of Intellectual Property Laws, to effectively deliver services as per global quality standards. Services provided by our Firm encompass advisory services on patentability, patenting, filing, prosecution, due diligence, developing efficient patent strategy, trademark registration and protection, anti-trust, and licensing of copyright etc. Our team of experts has also successfully handled a wide spectrum of issues surrounding intellectual property disputes, ranging from the investigation to the mediation, settlement, and litigation.

We have amassed a comprehensive expertise and knowledge across technological innovations and has managed to combine the same with cutting-edge industry know-how. Our Firm is adept at advising our clients as to how their Intellectual Property interests can be successfully protected and enforced.