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As an Overseas Citizen of India (OCI), Non-Resident Indian (NRI) or a Person of Indian Origin (PIO), managing one’s financial affairs and legal matters in one’s home country can be a complex and challenging task. Our firm often receives queries from Overseas Citizens of India requesting legal services with regards to assets based in India. At ZEUS Law, we understand the unique needs and concerns of PIO’s, NRI’s and OCI card holders. Our team of legal professionals is adept at dealing with minute legal issues, such as transfer of shares, preparation of wills and succession certificates, to more complex legal issues such as transfer of immovable property, obtaining letters of administration and family law related issues.

The Overseas Indian Desk at the Firm offers a single window service for the Overseas Indian community and covers diverse areas of disputes resolution and legal advisory. It is an exclusive legal management division to help the Indians living overseas monitor, supervise, address their legal issues for both transactional as well as litigation related assignments without the need to remain personally present in India. We provide comprehensive services to our diverse clientele to help them navigate through various legal aspects related to inheritance, estate planning, succession, property, matrimonial affairs, investments, foreign funding, setting up business in India, dividends, and more.

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"As the head of Overseas Indian Desk, I am dedicated to bridging distances with legal expertise. Our mission is to empower you globally with local proficiency, addressing unique challenges with tailored solutions. We stand with you, navigating the complexities of law, turning global aspirations into realities."

Pankhuri Jain, Partner.

Inheritance, Succession and Estate Planning

Planning for the future is essential, especially when it comes to protecting one’s assets and ensuring a smooth transfer of wealth to one’s loved ones. Our Firm has had considerable experience in representing a wide variety of high net-worth individuals in matters of inheritance and estate planning. Our legal professionals specialize in succession and inheritance planning, assisting our clients in formulating effective strategies to ensure a seamless transition of their wealth and business interests to the next generation.

Our team of skilled attorney regularly advises clients with providing complete assistance in separation of individual shares in a jointly owned property along with transfer and mutation of ownership of property and rights under government records. We provide assistance in creating wills, trusts, and other legal instruments to secure our clients’ assets. Additionally, our team assists its Overseas Indian clientele with repatriation of the sale proceeds of an inherited property. Our team takes into account our clients’ unique circumstances and work with them to develop customized plans that align with their goals.

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Investments and Business

As an Overseas Indian, one may be interested in investing in various sectors in their home country. In fact, NRI investment in the real estate sector in India has been growing exponentially. Our knowledgeable team offers guidance through the intricacies of investment opportunities, including real estate, stocks, and other financial instruments. We provide personalized advice to help our Overseas Indian clients make informed investment decisions and maximize their returns while adhering to the legal and regulatory framework.

In addition to the practice focused on investments, our Firm also regularly assists and advices its Overseas Indian clients on setting up of businesses in India, incorporation of a company, among others.

Real Estate and Property

Owning property in one’s home country as an Overseas Indian can present its own set of challenges. Our team has extensive experience in handling property-related issues Overseas Indians, including property acquisition, title verification, lease transactions, due diligence, compliances under the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016, and property disputes. We provide comprehensive legal assistance to safeguard our clients’ property rights and handle any legal hurdles that may arise.

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Understanding the taxation rules and regulations in both one’s home country and the country of their residence is crucial to ensure compliance and minimize tax liabilities. Our team of tax experts will provide clients with advisory services, helping them navigate the complexities of repatriation of dividends and other income from their home country.

At ZEUS Law, we prioritize client satisfaction and strive to provide our clients with reliable, efficient, and client-centric legal services. Our team of professionals is committed to working closely with our clients, taking into account their specific needs and goals, to provide tailored solutions that address their unique circumstances as an Indian residing overseas.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and explore how our Overseas Indian Desk can help you effectively manage your legal matters in your home country. We look forward to assisting you in achieving your objectives.

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